Wine Tasting in Paris: France’s Unique and Unusual Varietals

Are you a wine drinker with an open mind and a desire to expand your horizons? What better place to experiment than in the wine capital of the world? Surprise your senses with this unique wine-tasting experience in Paris! During your 2-hour tasting in an atmospheric wine bar, taste six unusual wines that you may never have been exposed to before. Your sommelier will expand your knowledge of French wine and teach you some great tasting techniques. Enjoy cheese or charcuterie to accompany your wine (if option selected).Your 2-hour evening wine tasting takes place in a wine bar in central Paris near the Louvre Museum. When you arrive, youíll be escorted to a beautiful renovated, brick-laden wine cellar, where a spot at a large table will be waiting for you. Soak up the atmospheric setting as your expert sommelier teaches you about French wine and explains different wine-tasting techniques. This isnít your run-of-the-mill wine tasting, so you won’t be served typical wines such as sauvignon blanc, chardonnay, pinot, merlot, cabernet or sauvignon. Youíll taste six unusual wine varietals that youíve probably never heard of before! Sample wine from all over France — from both famous and off-the-map wine-producing areas — made with uncommon or old-vine grapes and produced with very special techniques. The daily wine selection may change according to the sommelier’s wishes, but some varieties you may taste include Loin de l’oeil from the south west of France and the Savagnin grape grown in the Jura region.The inimitable flavors and aromas will truly test your senses and give you a unique tasting experience.Enjoy fresh bread with your wine. To enhance your tasting, opt to include a cheese or charcuterie plate, fit for two people to share. Indulge in creamy and hard French artisanal cheeses or salty, savory artisanal cured meats ñ the perfect accompaniments to your wine. At the end of your 2-hour session, take home a list of the wines you tasted. Youíll leave with a whole new appreciation for French wine!

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