Wine and Olive Oil Tasting in Taormina

Savor different wines and olive oils in the magical atmosphere of the one of the most famous hotels in Taormina – once a Dominican convent, with a sommelier of 2 Michelin star restaurant. Take a guided tour of the hotel – museum, an imposing monastery built by monks at the end of the XIV century. Learn about the different shades, tastes, and scents of the wine and olive oil of this region, all accompanied by local delicatessen products, with a professional sommelier. Taste, enjoy and learn about two of Sicilyís most famous products at Taormina Wine Academy, set in the enchanting atmosphere of the famous San Domenico Palace.Meet your tour leader in central Taormina and, after a brief walk along the town’s main street Corso Umberto, head to San Domenico Palace. At the San Domenico Palace in Taormina these elements combine giving it a unique charm. It was originally an imposing monastery, built at the end of the XIV century, and is now a famous luxury hotel. Its corridors, rooms, cloisters, and gardens create an open museum of indisputable beauty. A guided tour of the San Domenico will reveal it’s history and enchantment, and you can retrace the steps of famous stars of culture, science, politics, and show business. To quote just a few: King Edward of England, Sofia Loren, Thomas Mann, Richard Strauss, Marlene Dietrich, Ingrid Bergman, Audrey Hepburn, Michelangelo Antonioni and many, many others. Next, a professional sommelier will introduce you to the extraordinary excellence of the oil and wine that Sicily produces. You will learn to identify the different shades, tastes and scents of wine and oil and how these fascinating products can be paired with Italian dishes. All accompanied by local delicatessen products. Learn about the various areas where wines are produced in Sicily with a particular focus on Etna D.O.C. which has become recognized around the world.

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