Tuscan Wine Tasting in Val di Chio

Enjoy a tasting of Tuscan wines in a wine estate in Val di Chio. Sample the craft wines of this boutique winery and hear about wine-making techniques from the owners of the estate. Try the olive oil as well, and take a walk around the vineyard. Get an unusual experience in this fun family run winery in eastern Tuscany.Visit a family-run business and walk through the estate for a full immersion on one of the eastern Tuscany winery.The tour will start from the visit to the old family chapel where everything started. The chapel is dated 1625ac and was part of the original building.Explore the vineyards where we will explain you the organic farming methods and the plants varieties we chose grow. After we will walk to the cellar where we will explain you our wine production techniques and you will taste the wines from barrels or cask. Then, take a seat on a tasting room where we will let you savor different wines (1 white, 1 rose, 1 non-aged red, 2 aged reds, and 2 dessert wines). The wines will be paired with local food such as focaccia bread, cheeses honey and local salamis.

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