Wine Tips

Learn about the best ways to enjoy your wine tour

A well planned romantic wine tour can be a life changing vacation that brings a couple closer together. To help you have the best possible trip we have pulled together handy tips to make your tour is as perfect as possible.

Make your room romantic: Avoid turning the TV on and choose some mood music instead. Most good quality destinations have clocks with MP3 Player docks and speakers, so take your favourite playlist and dance together.

Organize activities to do together: Spa treatments are fantastic for setting the mood and couples packages ensure that you both get the same sense of relaxation and wellbeing. If you like the great outdoors consider taking a hike, followed by a long bath, preferably together.

Make definite plans: Organize your wine trip rather than flying by the seat of your pants. That way you can enjoy the anticipation and you won’t waste any of your valuable time together. Discuss wineries and areas that you have always wanted to visit before so that the trip is a joint decision.

Drive rather than fly: Road trips are a great opportunity to talk, relax, see new things together and just enjoy being with your special person. Airlines have made flying in economy class an exercise in stress and misery, plus having your own car available gives you greater flexibility.

Packages are great: You can’t buy love, but you can buy romance so check the romance packages that destinations provide, these are often shown on the website. A bottle of nice wine plus a private dinner for two, and the bed strewn with rose petals, it’s definitely romantic.

Just the two of you: Only two people belong on a romantic getaway so wave good-bye to mom, dad, your closest friends, and your children. They will survive without you and you can relax together and remember why you fell in love with your special person.

Have a laugh. The chances are that at least one thing will go wrong during your tour, try to shrug it off and you will be amazed at how impressed your partner is with you. Humor is consistently the highest ranked trait in attracting a life partner, so indulge your inner joy and make each other laugh.

Bring snacks. Wine tours involve driving and knowing that you have healthy treats available rather than searching for a bad dinner will help you to relax. Also eating correctly will improve your palette and you will appreciate the wines more, there is a reason that sommeliers pair wines with foods.

Give each other time. Being together for a 5 day trip can be wonderful, but we all have individual things that we like to do, so allow each other some time to do personal things. You may want half an hour to read, or soak in a bath; agree how long it will take and do your own thing with that time.

Sex it up. Romance can lead to wonderful togetherness and after all, it is just the two of you, so why not have all the fun possible. Try flirty little gestures while you are wine tasting, woo your partner and consider taking one day out of your trip to do nothing but enjoy the view from your hotel room.

Pack wisely. This is a special getaway so you want to look and feel your best, pack outfits for romantic dinners plus comfy outfits for activities. Bring your most comfortable shoes for touring wineries, plus sunglasses, a hat and sunscreen. Remember you can always shop on your trip.

Set the mood. Give your partner a romantic card with a handwritten note inside. Let them know in advance that you are feeling romantic mood and tell them how much you are looking forward to being together. A small gift is always a nice way to remind them how special they are to you.

Prepare your room. Make your accommodations even more romantic by requesting the hotel to have some decadent chocolates, candles and flowers. If you aren’t traveling too far you can bring some of those things yourself and surprise your partner with these mood-making expressions.

Set a budget. Worrying about money is not romantic. You will want to buy some wine from stops along the way and it really helps if you know how much you are allowed to spend. Save some of your funds for a few special bottles that you will always associate with your romantic wine tour.

Decide who drives. You are taking a wine tour, that means you will be tasting wine so make sure you decide who the designated driver is each day, that way the other one can relax and drink as much as they like. Once you get back to your room, you can enjoy a special bottle together.

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