Split Wine Tasting and Evening Walking Tour

Combine an evening of Croatian wine and cheese with a leisurely stroll along some of Splitís most scenic areas. Avoiding the searing midday heat, the walk takes place in the early evening and follows a route from Splitís stunning Riva Promenade, to Marjan Hill and the neighborhood of Veli Varoö. After walking with an expert local guide, head inside a Veli Varoö wine bar to sample a variety of Croatian wine and artisan cheese from the Dalmatia region.Meet your guide near the Gallery of Fine Arts in central Split, and start your evening with a leisurely stroll down the main promenade that fronts the city harbor. Called the Riva, the promenade stretches the length of Split Old Town, and the views across the harbor are magnificent ñ especially in the soft, early evening light.At the end of the promenade, continue to Marjan Hill, a nature reserve thatís popular with locals to escape the fast pace of downtown Split. Follow your guide up a winding forest trail to one of the hillís stunning vantage points and admire sweeping panoramas of the city surrounded by the Adriatic Sea. Head downhill and pass through the neighborhood of Veli Varoö, a picturesque area that was once home to ancient Splitís peasants and fishermen. Oozing small-town charm, Veli Varoö boasts traditional Croatian restaurants and bars aplenty, so head inside one of the localsí favorites with your guide. Take a seat in the atmospheric wine bar for a Croatian wine tasting session, and enjoy a platter of artisan cheeses from the Dalmatia area, too.Sample an assortment of typically full-bodied Croatian wines, enjoying glasses of both red and white varietals. Snack on pungent cheese and fresh bread as you sip on the wine, and learn about each wine from the barís sommelier. After your wine tasting finishes, leave the bar and work off your nightís food and wine with a final stroll back to the start point.

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