Small-Group Santorini Wine Tasting and Vineyard Tour

Sip your way around Santorini on a 4-hour island wine tour, visiting three traditional wineries! Savor up to 12 different varietals made from grapes such as the assyrtiko and learn about Santoriniís unique viticulture. Tour a vineyard, explore the wineries’ cellars, and sample local delicacies with the wine. Plus, sample some delicious craft beers on tours any day except Sunday, or upgrade to a sunset tour to pair your wine tastings with spectacular twilight views and a surprise. Numbers are limited to eight on this small-group tour for a personalized experience.Book your daytime or sunset tour and start your experience with a hotel pickup. Your destinations depend on your chosen tour, and if youíre on the daytime tour, the day of the week selected.Daytime Tour (available April 15 to November 7):Travel by air-conditioned minibus to the first of the three traditional wineries and on route, learn from your guide about wine production on Santorini and discover the varietals that you may try during the day.Producing some of the most distinctive wine in the Mediterranean, the island owes its success largely to aspa, a unique blend of volcanic soil that lends its wines a rich minerality and light flavor. Grapes are grown in baskets close to the ground, allowing much-needed moisture from the islandís minimal rainfall to be retained effectively.At each winery, enjoy a cellar tour with your guide to see how the winemaking process unfolds, from harvesting to maturing the wine. Plus, walk around a volcanic vineyard to see the grapes first-hand, and sample glasses of Santorini wine galore ñ up to 12 glasses in total! Try popular varietals such as assyrtiko and vinsanto, and enjoy local delicacies such as cheese, bread and olives. At the third winery, youíll also sit on an outdoor terrace, soaking up stunning views of the island and Aegean as you sip.If your tour is any day except a Sunday, youíll also stop at one of Santoriniís up-and-coming craft breweries. Learn what goes into the ales brewed here and end your visit by sampling some of its beers. After your explorations, end your tour with a hotel drop-off.Sunset Tour (available June 1 to September 30):After visiting two wineries, continue to the third winery in time for Santoriniís legendary sunset. Head to the open-air terrace and taste your wines against a stunning backdrop of the caldera and Aegean, just as the sun sets over the sea. Plus, enjoy a delicious extra surprise here before finishing your trip with a hotel drop-off.Please note: the visit to a brewery is not included on daytime tours taken on Sundays or the sunset tour option.

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