Small-Group Chocolate and Port Wine Tasting and Pairing in Hong Kong

Enhance your palate’s sophistication with a sumptuous combination of premium chocolates and Port wine! During this small-group tasting in Hong Kong, enjoy a 1.5-hour workshop and taste four types of Port wines paired with an array of luxurious Belgian chocolates. Your expert instructor will show you how different wines bring out the best flavors in some chocolates, or vice versa. Youíll also learn some history, like the high status Hong Kong awarded to these wines after they were popularized by the British. After your tasting, youíll leave feeling like a seasoned Port wine connoisseur!Grab your loved one, friends or family for this delicious Port wine and chocolate tasting in Hong Kong. During this 1.5-hour session, learn how to pair delectable chocolates with luscious Port wine. Discover how this elegant drink, while originally produce in Portugal, was popularized by the British, and see how it evolved in Hong Kongís wine scene.With the assistance of your expert tasting instructor, try four different types of Port of exceptional quality from the region of Douro in Portugal. As you sample tawny Port (made from red grapes), LBV Port (late-bottled vintage wine; Port bottled after four to six years in wood casks), white Port (made from white grapes) and 40-year-old Port, discover how to pair these sweet wines with various flavors of Belgian chocolate to bring out the best essence in both.After trying your instructorís recommendations, discuss your tasting notes with your peers. Then, try to create your own combinations with any of the wines and chocolates provided, and feel free to purchase any of the chocolates you like best (depending on availability). At the end of your session, youíll take home a more intimate knowledge of Port wine that will surely impress your family and friends!

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