Organic Wine Tasting in Nice

Learn all about French wine at a wine merchantís depot in Nice and taste a variety of wines on this perfect pre-dinner activity. Your guide, a professional merchant of organic wines, will explain the different wine regions of France and how to read a French wine label. Master the art of wine-tasting and hear how Champagne is made. Then, sample generous tastings of six different organic wines, including a Champagne — an ideal way to start an evening out!This small-group tour is limited to 11 people to ensure more personalized attention from your guide. Meet your expert guide and travel to a wine depot in a residential area off the regular tourist track. Your guide, an organic wine merchant, will do a fun, interactive presentation about organic French wine. Organic wine is made from grapes that are grown without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides, and because of this natural process they typically exhibit greater terroir, the unique character of a wine that comes from the place it’s grown. Learn about the main wine regions of France so you’ll know the difference between a Bordeaux and a Burgundy. Hear about the complex process of making Champagne. Pick up French wine terms so you can understand French wine labels, and review the art of proper wine tasting. Of course, the highlight is tasting good organic French wine! Your guide will offer you generous servings of six French wines — including a white, a ros, three reds and a Champagne (see Itinerary for sample selections). Sip your wine and snack on olives and bread with your small group. The laid-back, intimate atmosphere makes it easy to ask your guide any other questions you may have about French wine. By the time your 1.5-hour wine-tasting class in Nice comes to a close, you’ll feel confident about going out to dinner and ordering French wine like a pro.

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