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The most Romantic Wine Tour awards officially announced ‘Napa hot air balloon ride with sparkling wine lunch’ wins top award

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The 2015 awards for the Most Romantic Wine Tour Activities have been announced by An early morning hot air balloon ride over the beautiful Napa Valley followed by a sparkling wine breakfast won the top award. A candlelight wine and cheese tour of the Amsterdam canals came in second. 6 of the top 10 places were taken by American based activities, reflecting the growth of the hospitality industry around the wine producing regions.

This year’s award featured a Chocolate and wine tour, along with a Malibu wine safari and a sunset wine sailing cruise off the coast of Florida. The awards are given to activities that, in the opinion of the judges, would contribute to creating the ultimate romantic wine tour.

Lead judge Diana Moric of said “We were delighted with the number of great candidates this year, the hospitality industry is really embracing the romantic aspects of wine tours. It is a growing sector and our visitors are looking for special activities that can form the centerpiece of their special wine tour vacation”

Over 300 activities were nominated for the awards and the judges considered factors related to quality of the activity, value for money, appreciation for wine, cultural awareness, and romantic ambiance. The final top 10 can be seen, in full, on

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