Martinborough Guided Wine and Vine

An insiders guide to the Martinborough wine scene, the best wine, the best food and the most fun. The Guided Wine and Vine has been a favourite for those who don’t like being ‘stuck in a bus’. Enjoy the wind in your hair!The Guided Wine and Vine Tour is a must for those who really enjoy wine, and want to know a bit more about the place and the people. Our guides will tell you stories of the town in an entertaining and informative way to make sure you walk away with an in depth knowledge of this boutique wine villageYou enjoy Martinborough more by bike, or why not hop aboard one of our ccol rickshaws, great if you want a bit of ‘luxury’ don’ want to or can’t ride a bicycle!We visit 3 wineries and an Olive Grove during this tour. The properties are carefully selected to ensure you get the most interesting cross-section of producers and wine available. You will enjoy a lovely picnic lunch in a sheltered spot along the way. Our gourmet food is handmade in our own kitchen and includes a wide variety of vineyard platter fare. We cater for all special dietary requirementsWe offer free collection at the Featherston Railway Station for bookings of 6 or more people and are conveniently located in the heart of Martinborough to start this interesting tour.

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