The Management Team

We’re Wine Enthusiasts!

Diana and Dan:

Having gained many life skills over the years Diana and Dan are the driving force behind sharing their passion for romantic travel and wine. Professionally they have been involved in financial accounting; sales, education and running home based businesses. More importantly they appreciate good wine and spending time with important people in beautiful surroundings where they can relax and enjoy the moment

Alan and Andrea:

A power couple whose skills range from professional photography to software development to operating heavy machinery. They take the road less well traveled and experience the sights that others miss out on. At the end of the day they love to enjoy good company, amazing wine and being in magical places.

John and Jeannine:

With a growing family and two busy professional careers John and Jeannine have learned to appreciate a rich and fruity glass of red wine and the chance to spend quality time together. They are veterans of the Okanagan, BC, winery tour community and know the inside scoop on many, otherwise, unknown places to stay for a romantic getaway

Joe and Rachel:

As a young and vibrant couple, Joe and Rachel bring an urban chic vibe to the team. They invest huge energy into finding outstanding tour destinations in order to surprise and delight each other. Their drinking tastes also extend to fine whiskies as well as wines, but we don’t hold that against them.

Chris and Rosa:

The world travellers of the team, with over 40 countries visited between them. Chris originates from England, but Rosa’s Portugese heritage makes up for his disappointing home country background when it comes to wine. Known as the cute couple, they are always looking for romantic locations and make a wealth of experience available to our visitors.

If you have any questions we are always delighted to speak with our visitors, so drop us a line via or use our Contact Us page.