Lucca Aperitivo Tour with Wine Tasting and Food Sampling

The flavours, the aromas, the colours, the smiles, they are all part of life in Lucca. Learn more about the city as you sip your way through narrow streets and Medieval squares. Artisan beer, local wines, and even a top-secret liqueur will have you thirsty for more of Lucca.This Lucca tour is all about experiencing the city the real way, by becoming a local for a day. Italy is famed for the importance it places on food and drink, so of course, you will learn about it (and taste) lots of it as we go. Along the way you will uncover majestic city walls, narrow roads, tall towers, and arts and crafts shops. You will also realise why Lucca is known as the city of 100 churches. Your Lucca tour will start at the cityís train station and from there, walk past the majestic city walls and enjoy a view of Lucca before diving into local life. Head to the city centre, where the beautiful Romanesque marble Cathedral stands then head to a favourite local spot: San Michele in Foro Square. This is where locals come to meet up with one another, typically for a friendly chat in a nice coffee bar. Luccaís locals love going for an aperitif after work ó meeting with friends and spending a few hours indulging in a glass of good wine and some savoury snacks, and because this tour is all about showing you local life, of course the first stop will be an old vineria (winery), a small wine bar typical of the Tuscan tradition, where you can order a glass of wine with a snack. Then head to Amphitheatre Square, the only oval square in Italy that takes the place of the typical Roman amphitheatre. Relax with a glass of artisan beer produced in the Garfagnana mountains and, of course, you canít sample beer without a side of cured meats and pecorino cheese.The tour then heads to a local lounge where we can try fettunta, a toasted bread with extra olive oil, as well as another glass of quality wine. Our last stop will be a small wine bar where we can have our final drink. And if you want to truly go local, then itís time to try the typical liqueur of Lucca, Biadina, made from a secret recipe and served with pine nuts.

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