Introductory Wine Tasting Class in Paris

Prepare your palate and gain insight into the world of French wine on this 1-hour introductory wine tasting class in Paris. Listen as your professional sommelier details three of France’s key winemaking regions and the grape varieties that thrive there. Learn, too, about the relationship between flavor, grape and region, and practise reading French wine bottle labels. Then, pick up insider tips on pairing food with wine before sampling three different French wine varietals. Enjoy personal attention from the sommelier on this small-group tour, limited to 16 people. Arrive at your wine tasting venue in central Paris in the early afternoon then meet your instructor, an experienced sommelier, before beginning your class. Designed with wine aficionados in mind, this 1-hour initiation is ideal for visitors to the French capital keen to sharpen their palate and improve their understanding of fine French wines. During the class, listen as your professional sommelier describes the wines produced across three of Franceís major winemaking regions. Gain insight into the key characteristics of the grape varieties which flourish there, and the relationship between region, grape and flavor.Learn how to read French wine bottle labels and master the fine art of pairing wine with food. Hear insider tricks on choosing certain wines for particular dishes and learn how to select a bottle in a restaurant in Paris or back home. During a tasting session, sample three wines specially chosen by your sommelier and served at the optimum temperature. With a selection of bread, olives and ham as an accompaniment, gain insight into how the food and wine complement each other. Learn the basics of blind tasting, a technique designed to use all your senses when enjoying different wines. At the end of your 1-hour class, receive a handy cheat sheet from your sommelier for future use in choosing wines and a stop-drop for perfect pouring every time, then head out into the city to put your new-found knowledge into practice.

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