French Wine and Cheese Tasting in Nice

Sample fine cheeses and wines from across France during this 2-hour wine and cheese tasting class in Nice. Taste a variety of cheeses from all four corners of France and gain insight into their complex flavors and textures. Learn from a knowledgeable sommelier how to pair cheese with certain wines according to the season, and enjoy various flavor combinations from the delicious produce you taste. Group size is restricted to 10 participants to ensure a personalized experience.Meet your instructor ó a sommelier and wine expert ó at a cooking school in Niceís charming Vieille Ville (Old Town), and begin your wine and cheese tasting class. With its temperate climate, varied terrain and fertile soil, France is widely believed to produce some of the finest wines and cheeses in the world. The country’s pride in its national produce runs deep and from Normandy in the north to Provence on the Mediterranean coast, France is considered by many to be the perfect place for wine and cheese production. Sample five different cheeses and four wines during your tasting class and gain an appreciation for the subtle flavors and textures at play. Learn how to differentiate between the varied wines and cheeses you taste, and gain an understanding of how the complex flavors complement each other.The exact cheeses chosen for your class will depend on the season, and the wines are carefully selected to match. Perhaps sample a creamy blue Roquefort from the Midi-Pyrnes region, the hard mountain Comt from the Jura, a rich Normandy Camembert or a Rigotte de Condrieu goatís cheese from Rh¥ne-Alpes.The selection of wines will also vary, but could include a red and white Coteaux de Pierrevert AOP from Provence and Chateau Barberane red, among others.After two hours of tastings, your Nice wine and cheese class comes to an end.

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