Food, Wine and Olive Oil Walking Tour in Porto

Find more about the tradition of Port wine, olive oil and Portuguese gastronomy through all the tastings this tour has to offer! Book this tour and get ready to discover a very special city where important works of architecture, natural landscapes, gastronomic tradition, the culture of wine and local customs all come together in a unique way! Meet your guide and join us to experience the city’s flavors: the wine, thegastronomy and the olive oils. First you will have the opportunity to meet one of the most emblematic markets of Oporto: The Bolho Market, aimed for fresh products, mainly food. With four main entrances, its construction is characterized by its monumentality, typical of neoclassical architecture. Lose yourself in the aromas, colors and sound so typical of this city market.A little further up, we present the renowned Caf Majestic, revivalist style of French inspiration, an icon in the city. More than a cafe, Majestic tells the story of Porto in the twentieth centuryand it washome forpolitical gatherings and debate of ideas.This was the “Belle Epoque” Porto of writers and artists.The S. Bento train station, Ribeira and the English Feitoria will be other passing sites where you can learn more about the city’s history and how it mainly became a market town where Port Wine was a major contributor to its growth.Arriving downtown, it’s time to sample, as Homero had said, the liquid gold…Prepare yourself to taste the best portuguese olive oils available in a quaintlocation in Porto. Learn more about the history of olive oil in Portugal and prepare to taste several samples as well the oil derivatives, like organic olives, olive leaf tea and Olive ìsuspirosî (meringue). Let yourself be guided in the sensorial analysis of olive oils from different regions, intensities and aromas.Heading towards the other shore, did you know that Vila Nova de Gaia is the place with the highest concentration of alcohol per square metre in the world? The world famous port wine is produced exclusively from grapes from the region adjacent to the Douro and, even though it is produced with Douro grapes and stored in the cellars in Vila Nova de Gaia, it ended up being known as “Port Wine”, so you are in just the right place to drink this nectar. Here you will have the opportunity to taste 3 Port’s (White, Special Reserv and LBV) on a commented proof in a place and brand of excellency.We ended our the tour in a beautiful, tipycal and local tavern with authentic flavors for lunch. Here you will taste the Portuguese delicacies on a platter full of “chorizos”, “presunto”, “alheiras”, “cheeses”, etc, accompanied with the best house wine. Bon appetit!

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