Evening Wine Tasting Experience in Venice

Visit a traditional ‘enoteca’ (wine bar) in Venice, and enjoy a 1-hour wine tasting, led by a knowledgeable local sommelier! Learn all about the prestigious Veneto winemaking region, and sample four different varietals of local wine including the sparkling prosecco. Bite-sized delicacies known as cicchetti are also served alongside each wine to complement the flavors.Meet your sommelier inside the enoteca, a lively square popular with locals, and take a seat for your 1-hour wine tasting. Throughout your session, your sommelier will serve four varieties of wine from around the Veneto area, the popular winemaking region that surrounds Venice.Protected from the harsher climate of northern Europe by the Alps, the Veneto region is known for producing easy-to-drink reds and light, fresh whites. Hear of well-known Veneto wine such as Soave, and sample popular varietals including prosecco, the sparkling white wine thatís loved all over the world. Try the dry white ribolla gialla, and compare the flavors of the rich, warm refosco red with the full-bodied tones of a ripasso, a red made from partially dried grape skins. Alongside the wine, enjoy some cicchetti, the small delicacies that are considered a Venetian speciality. Each tapas-like portion of cicchetti is paired with a complementing wine and, while the dishes vary each time, you can expect delicacies such as arancini (rice balls), fried zucchini flowers or baccala (traditional salt cod).After your 1-hour tasting session, you can stay in the bar to enjoy more Veneto wine and food at your own expense. Alternatively, ask your sommelier for recommendations of different wine varietals to try on a later occasion.Please refer to ‘View additional information’ to see map of the meeting point.

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