Cinque Terre Wine Tour in Riomaggiore

Delve deep into the Italian countryside and discover centuries of winemaking heritage on this 3-hour Cinque Terre wine tour in Riomaggiore. Soak up scenic views of the Italian Riviera during the bus ride from Riomaggiore to Montenero. Wander among rows of grapes in a picturesque hilltop vineyard. Learn of the UNESCO-listed regionís traditional winemaking techniques from your guide. Stroll back down to Riomaggiore for a tasting session in a local wine cellar and discover complex fruit flavors at play. Your tour size is limited to eight to ensure a personalized experience.Meet your guide in Riomaggioreís magnificent town center in the morning and hop aboard a public bus for the picturesque 15-minute journey to nearby Montenero ó a delightful hilltop village with panoramic vistas over Italyís UNESCO-listed Cinque Terre region. Wander along a pretty village trail to a local vineyard and admire spectacular views over the Italian Riviera from your vantage point high on the hillside. Follow your guide on a tour of the grape-laden vines and gain insight into the traditional wine-growing methods in use. The priority here is producing world-class wines without using chemical products and the results speak for themselves. At the conclusion of your vineyard tour, take a 45-minute stroll back down the hill to Riomaggiore and discover corners of the Italian countryside inaccessible by bus. Head to a local wine cellar, where your guide will detail his winemaking processes and explain why the Cinque Terre region is so well-known for its wine. Sample two glasses of local wine during your tasting session ó one white wine and one traditional sweet wine ó and gain insight into the delicate fruit flavors at play in your glass. The pride of the Cinque Terre region, these organic wines are bursting with history and character, offering a range of delectable aromas at every sip. Your wine tasting is accompanied by typical Ligurian focaccia bread. After three hours discovering the Cinque Terre wine region with your guide, head back to your start point to conclude your tour.

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