Cheese and Wine Tasting in a Paris Cheese Cellar

Cheese and wine, the perfect marriage. Master the art of pairing these two delicacies during a tasting session in an underground cheese cellar in Paris. With your guide, a professional cheesemonger, delve below Paris’ busy streets to discover an underground treasure trove of maturing cheeses. Sit down to enjoy a variety of seven French and Swiss cheeses, and learn how to match them with different wines while nibbling on French bread and fruit. Numbers are limited to 10 during this small-group tasting session, ensuring a more intimate experience.Meet your guide, a fromager (cheesemonger), at the cheese shop in Paris’ 3rd arrondissement. Step into your hygienic protective suit and head down to the underground cellar, where a variety of cheese rounds lie maturing in the cool temperatures. Explore a large room full of maturing cheeses such as Beaufort (a raw cow’s milk cheese produced in the French Alps), Etivaz (a hard, raw cow’s milk cheese made in the Swiss Alps), Gruy®re (a mild, hard yellow cheese originating in Switzerland but also produced in France), b¥favre (a hard cheese made in Switzerland’s Jura Mountains) and many, many more. The exact cheeses vary according to the time of year. Marvel at the 77-pound (35-kg) wheels of Comt cheese racked up alongside delicate goatís cheeses and soft Camembert, all in varying stages of maturation and ripening. Listen as your guide delves into the history, traditions and techniques of French and Swiss cheese production, and feel free to ask any questions that come up. Then it’s time to master the fine art of cheese and wine pairing. Savor seven soft, delicate cheeses, and follow your bites with sips of both light and complex wines, learning to appreciate the delicious, elegant and subtle flavors at play. Munch on bread and fruit to go with your cheese samples. At the end of your 1.5-hour tasting, head back up to street level to conclude your session.

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