Cavas Freixenet Wine Tour from Mexico City

On this winery tour from Mexico City, travel to Quertaro, one of Mexico’s most prosperous wine-growing areas. You’ll spend a relaxing day away from the big city as you tour Freixenet, one of Mexicoís most famous makers of sparkling wine. Learn about the wine-making process and visit an underground wine cellar. You’ll then venture to Tepozotl°n, where you’ll visit the Colonial Religious Art Museum and the San Francisco Javier Temple.Quertaro is one of Mexico’s most prominent wine-producing areas and is known for its output of sparkling wines. Most vineyards in the region are found at an altitude of 6,500 feet (2,000 meters), and the most well-known winery in the region is Freixenet, which youíll visit on this wine tour from Mexico City.When you arrive, watch a video on the history of Cavas Freixenet before beginning a tour of the winery facilities. You’ll have the chance to see and learn about the entire wine-making process, from harvesting to bottling to labeling. The tour includes a trip down to the wine cellars, 82 feet (25 meters) below ground, a few wine tastings and a visit to the Freixenet Wine Boutique. Youíll then head to the colonial-style town of Tepozotl°n. Here you’ll visit the San Francisco Javier Temple, which is part of a Jesuit monastery. Your guide will teach you about the history of the monastery while you view the archaeological artwork and objects and admire the Baroque architecture of the building. Youíll also visit the Colonial Religious Art Museum.

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