California Wine Tasting Day Tour from Las Vegas

This wine tasting day tour to California will be the highlight of your vacation. You will enjoy the wines, eat the cheeses and savor the wonderful old atmosphere that dates back to the turn of the century. California is renowned for some of the finest wines in the world and the Joseph Filippi Winery is one of the best. Followed by a fun stop at Calico Ghost Town, this is the day for you.This wonderful day tour starts with endless stunning vistas as you drive from Las Vegas through the high desert, dry lakes, mountain ranges, the southern end of Death Valley. You will also drive through Mohave Yucca and Joshua Tree forests on your way to Southern California and the historic winery of Joseph Filippi. This wonderful old winery is one of the oldest in California and the entire United States. The winery is an award winning, family run vineyard with a rich history and ghosts that reside in the old wine making buildings. Theyíre said to be friendly but mischievous! From Cabernet Sauvignon to Merlot to fine Chocolate Port, the Filippi winery produces many of the great wines of southern California. Industry experts recognize this winery as one of the best in the country. Joseph Filippi Winery has enjoyed the recognition of over 200 wine making excellence awards. Come share their passion for the grape as you enjoy sampling the wines and cheeses on offer.After you have filled your senses, itís time for the Wild West and a visit to the famous Calico Ghost Town. This old silver mining town from the 1800ís was too tough to die. Walk back in time to when shootouts over gold, silver and women were common, and as for horse thievin’, well, they just hung you from the nearest tree. This rich and colorful stop is one of the jewels of the southwest. Youíll love this place! Have a cold one in the saloon, itís the proper ‘Western’ thing to do.

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