Budapest Wine Culture Tour Including Hungarian Snacks and City Sightseeing

Budapest through wine-colored glasses? Yes, please. Youíll want to raise a glass of Hungarian wine and salute the city and this tour after spending a few hours seeing Budapest via its best wine bars. Visit the Great Synagogue and then go to a wine bar and learn about its history while snacking on cured ham and sipping Hungarian wine. Explore the cityís hippest neighborhood, popping into cool, off-the-tourist-radar pubs and cafs to eat and drink while learning about the history and culture of one of Europeís most vibrant cities.Budapest is one of the most mysterious cities in Europe. Itís dark and brooding, yet aesthetically accessible with its long, wide boulevards flanked with Beaux Arts buildings and eye-pleasing bridges stretching across the Danube River. Explore the city with a 2.5 hour guided tour that will stimulate more than one sense: youíll get an insiderís view of the city, learn about its history, and eat and drink very well. Make your way to central Budapest to meet your guide and visit five watering holes during happy hour. See famous landmarks like the Great Synagogue, the largest synagogue in Europe. Built in the middle of the 19th century, the synagogue has the capacity for 3,000 people. After learning about the buildingís history, head over to a wine bar to sample some cured meats and other Hungarian delights. While sipping glasses of local wine, learn about how and why wine culture is so important to Budapest and the rest of the country. Next, walk off some of those snacks by exploring the 7th District, crammed with funky little pubs and cafs. Let your guide lead you to some off-the-radar spots while explaining more about the history and culture of the city. The final stop is a hidden gem that even some in-the-know locals donít know about. Youíll want to come back here.

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