2 Day Marsala Wine Tour

The wine tour aims to raise awareness of the Sicilian traditions during the grape harvest, bringing guests to discover the whole process, from grape harvest to bottling the wine.The tour takes place in Marsala, a city famous for the landing of Garibaldi on 11 May 1860 and for its production of Marsala wine, for which, since 1987, is the City of Wine. Marsala stands on the ruins of Punic Lilybaeum.Friday, Day 1: Arrival in Marsala and accommodation in holiday house, presentation of the tour, walk through town, typical seasonal dinner.Saturday, Day 2: Excursion to a vineyard to view the grape harvest, stop for free lunch. In the afternoon visit of an important wine estate to witness the return of the grapes in the winery, to weigh, to the gradation and the pressing, tasting Marsala wine, typical seasonal dinner.Sunday, Day 3: End of our services

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